Diet for Women Taking Oral Contraceptives

Oral contraceptives are taken as birth control pills. They help in preventing pregnancy in women. The main role oral contraceptives play is by preventing ovulation; release of egg by ovaries. These pills contain female hormone estrogen and progesterone to work on ovaries. These birth control pills have some effect on female’s body. Since many years researchers are studying this effect. FDA claims that females taking oral birth control pills must ask for supplements to support healthy life. 

Following nutrients must be supplemented:

FDA suggests women taking birth control pills may have deficiency for following nutrients. As the side effects these nutrients must be replenished with diet or added supplementation.

Vitamin B-6

Folic acid

Vitamin B-12 (Riboflavin)

Vitamin C



Amongst these nutrients folic acid plays major role in ovulation. If the deficiency for these nutrients continues after stopping Pills, it may affect pregnancy and offspring health.  To conceive these nutrients are important and support healthy pregnancy.

One must include following foods for respective nutrient sources:

Nutrient Food Sources
Vitamin B-6 Beef, chicken, potato, sunflower seeds, spinach, sweet potato
Folic acid Dark green vegetables, liver, beans, okra, pinto beans, avocado, sunflower seeds, orange juice
Riboflavin  Yogurt, soybean, milk, spinach, temphe, almonds, eggs, fish, green leafy vegetables
Vitamin C Citrus fruits, strawberries, cantaloupes, spinach, cabbage, guava, amla
Iron Green leafy vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, fortified cereals
Zinc Oyster, sea food, nuts, whole grains
Copper Oyster, sea food, dried beans, peas


Besides taking care of diet one must avoid smoking cigarette. Smoking is not good for health. It increases risk for several diseases. FDA recommends women taking birth control pills must avoid use of first hand and second hand smoking. In case of increased age it may elevate the risk for different disorders.

Along with these foods one must go for high protein foods to support weight maintenance. As birth control pills may affect weight issue.  Consumption of complex carbs with high protein diet is recommended for weight issues.



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