Yoga asanas for Heart Disease

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Yoga asanas for Heart Disease


Daily cardiovascular exercise is highly recommended in addition to a daily program of yoga & meditation. Yoga asanas have been proven to be beneficial for people of all ages & fitness levels & they can serve as an effective tool for preventing heart disease. Research has proven that regular yoga practice with other lifestyle changes can prevent or correct heart disease.  

How does Yoga asanas work?Asana improve cardiovascular efficiency even in a diseased person. Asana involve minimal muscular activity hence minimum production of carbon dioxide. This reduces the level of stress to the heart. Yoga oxygenates the blood & pushes fresh nutrients to all peripheral vessels & capillaries.

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Impaired circulation aids in maximum oxygen supply to the brain & all organ, improves alertness, memory & mood.

The vital organs receive a steady supply of the nutrients they need for optimal functioning while you are doing these exercise.

Various asanas immensely helps towards a healthy heart –

Parvatasan ( Mountain pose), Tadasan ( Palm tree pose), trikaonasan ( Triangle pose) , ushtrasan  ( camel pose),  Bhujangasan ( Cobra pose)etc

Pranayam & Heart Disease:

The Breath is bridge between the body & mind. Pranayam is a type of breath work associated with yoga that helps you gain control of your breath & control the energy in the body.

During Pranayam your exhalation is longer than your inhalation & it triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps lower the heart rate & blood pressure.


Meditation is not just method of relaxation & stress management, but also as an aid to strengthen the heart & create more active state in body.

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  • ZS

    i had recent heart attack (in early Jan’2014), LVEF as per last Echo Report = 50% , can I stay on yoga/pranayam without CABG/Angioplasty for prevention and cure of blocked arteries.Given attachment mine Angiography report.
    Many thanks for opinion.

    • Dr Manisha R Deokar

      Hello Zeenath, I have seen your reports. Yoga has role in prevention & management.
      before that I will recommend

      1. Stress Thallium to check the viability of myocardium muscle.
      2. Angioplasty to LAD & LCx with drug coated stent.
      3. Proper Cardiac Rehabilitation after angioplasty – cardiac rehabilitation includes all Diet , Exercise , Lifestyle modification & Yoga .

      Hope , your is resolved. Still if you have any query feel free to discuss. Also you can take second opinion about angioplasty from our Cardiologist.

  • Janis

    I have plaque disease, one of my arteries is 40% blocked and atrial fibrillation..I have been teaching yoga for nearly 40 years. I would really appreciate some advice as to yoga help with this.

    • Dr Manisha R Deokar

      Hello , Good to know that you are teaching yoga since 40 years. So I am sure that you are aware about above mentioned asana. You can start with some basic breathing exercise along with above mention yoga asana & meditation . It will definitely help you to control & prevent heart problem .
      Feel free to write if you required more information

  • Nayeema

    Yoga can help us to keep our body healthy and fit and to fight against many types of diseases.


    • Dr Manisha R Deokar

      Yes ..
      Yoga help us to keep our body & soul healthy.

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उपवास एकादशीचा

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उपवास , चातुर्मास का करावा ?

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मितभुक आणि हितभुक

मितभुक आणि हितभुक

July 22, 2016    Dr Suvinay Damle

  *उपवास भाग 3* एकवेळ मासे द्यावे, पण मासे जिथून आणले ती जागा (कोंड ) दाखवू नये. या अर्थाची म्हण कोकणात आहे. म्हणायला फक्त म्हण आहे. पण वृत्ती तशी नाही […]

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* खेळ मांडला……*

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उपवास ( भाग 2 ) चुलीवर जेवण करण्याची मजाच वेगळी. ती लाकडं रचणं, विस्तव तयार करणं, विस्तव मोठा करण्यासाठी लाकडी फुंकणीनं  वारा घालणं, ती फुंकर घालत असताना येणारा लयबद्ध आवाज […]

जास्त जेवून कधी जास्त ताकद मिळत नाही !

जास्त जेवून कधी जास्त ताकद मिळत नाही !

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कमी जेवून कधी अशक्तपणा येत नाही, आणि जास्त जेवून कधी जास्त ताकद मिळत नाही. जास्त जेवून ताकद येते हा मोठ्ठा गैरसमज आहे. शरीर हे इलॅस्टीक सारखे असते. ताणले की ताणले […]

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