Importance of hydration

Drinking water is good for health. It is more important in summer season when water loss is at its peak due to sweating. There are many cases seen every year for dehydration in summer. One must take proper care while working in sun or performing outdoor activity. Special attention must be paid to outdoor activity in summer than in cooler season. Dehydration can result in heat related problems such as heat stroke or in severe cases death.

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Different age groups have different concerns. During summer months children have vacations. Playing outside, in sun increases requirement for water. Body needs to get adjusted with increased temperature. It takes 10-14 working days to get acclimatize with increased temperature. Sports person, athlete and heavy exercisers spend more time out door. They need to replenish water loss with normal water and energy drinks. Energy drinks available in the market also provide electrolytes. People performing activity throughout the day in sun need special care. They must replenish water loss with time to time. Small break from work will help in managing the symptoms.  Elderly people also need to take care. Regular hydration is important to prevent water loss and heat stroke.

Dehydration is more common in summer days. Symptoms such as dry mouth, nauseas, vomiting, irritability, tiredness, decreased urination, dark urine, dizziness, fever are associated with dehydration. Thirst message is sent when body is dehydrating. One must drink water timely to avoid this state. Carrying a water bottle along will help. Experts suggest that best time to drink water is before you are thirsty. One can drink more water during day time when the temperature is at its peak. Consuming caffeinated beverages, aerated drinks cause increased urination. This may lead to dehydration. Avoid consuming these beverages more than two times per day. One can rely on natural water, coconut water, lemon water etc for rehydration.

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Experts suggest 2 to 3 lit water consumption every day. 300 to 500 l water can be consumed before starting the activity.  In addition 200-300 ml can be taken every 10-15 mins while doing the activity. After finishing the activity replenish body with 600 ml water within 2 hrs. This is applicable for outdoor activity, traveling in sun, playing etc. Kids need 120 to 250 ml before starting activity. After coming back from play they must drink 700 ml water within first 2 hrs. One average adult gulp size equals to 30 ml water while children’s is 15-20 ml.

In heat stroke applying water on head may help but it do not help in cooling down the core body temperature. To maintain body temperature one must drink ample amount of water throughout the day. Drinking cold water or hot water will not make a difference. Water must be drunk at room temperature.

So, pick up your glass of water and get hydrated!

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