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Motivation is most important in sustaining your workout schedule. Are you one of those who want to have a perfect body, lose weight but are very much reluctant to get up and move yourselves?  If yes, you are not the only one facing this problem. This has become a common scenario now.


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Some people start with their exercise with lots of every, continue it till couple of days, weeks or may be months; but after that, they tend to discontinue it due to lack of motivation. To sustain your workout for long you should have a proper mindset with continuous motivation.

Here are the top 10 motivational tips to sustain with your workout:

1)      Firstly set Small, Realistic and Achievable goals — it might be losing few pounds just to fit in your old favorite dress.

2)      Prioritize your workout — Plan and note down your schedule in your dairy and consider it as an important meeting which cannot be missed ever.

3)      Find a workout buddy so that you both can push each other to try a bit harder.

4)      Get trained early morning – No one gets trained late in the evening. There are chances to miss the workout because of on time plans. So prefer morning timings for workouts.

5)      Get indulged in any sports activity of your choice or you desired for since long time.

6)      Make it a fun – Don’t make your exercise regime bore and sad. Try something different like Zumba, Aqua exercises, aerobics, Flexibility, Yoga, etc.

7)       Always reward yourself on successfully achieving a goal — Remember the rewards should be healthy  like a healthy snack, spa, hair spa, etc

8)      Buy a new dress for your next birthday, a size smaller. Let the thought of fitting in to it motivate you.

9)      Stick to your workout plan. Print it out and put it somewhere you can see it daily.

10)  Always keep a backup plan ready in case of weather problems.

All the Best!!

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